India is tough!

India is a beautiful place but it is hard to conquer! We have been here for a little bit and we are encountering some difficulties. It's like it's always raining here! Plus, the people here ride on huge elephants when they fight. They are like 4 horses put together!
Look at those things! They're huge!
Our horses are still pretty sweet though!
I am not used to the fighting conditions here, with all of the trees and things. It was so much easier when we were back in Persia and everything was open. We are still brave though and we fight with much courage, you can count on us!

Check out this song!

Hey guys, I was searching the net and I found this song. This band sings about my life, talk about flattering! Hope you like it!

P.S. We are on our way to India, exciting!

I'm Got Married! Working on that Heir!

Hey everyone! It has been awhile once again. We have been busy chasing the Bactrian people all over but we did indeed finally conquer them. The best thing so far to come of it has been my new wife! Her name is Roxana! Here is a picture of us
She is a great lady, and totally exotic! Here is a map and a picture of where we have been the last little while.

I'm not done yet guys! We are on our way to India and let's pray that everything goes well and that the Gods are with us. Bye-bye for now!


I'm a Popsicle

Hey guys. I just had my second interview with Otter Pops and they told me they want me to be one of their frozen juice stars. Otter Pops are juice bags that you freeze, and then eat them when they are frozen. They are perfect for a little refreshing sugar rush out here in the dessert. They have saved my life so many times. They are going to name my Otter Pop, Alexander the Grape. It's not my favorite flavor but I'm sure I'll get used to it.

As far as the conquests go, we are continuing to have success. We took Susa and all the gold there and then marched to Persepolis. We continued our pursuit of Darius until we finally found him. He had been murdered by some of his followers
Here is a picture of when we found the body. It ended the war of vengeance so I let many of the men go if they wanted. Some of them have re-enlisted as mercenaries.

There is more to be done. The East is calling my name.

Babylon is Beautiful

I'm sorry that I haven't posted in awhile guys. I have been really busy. To catch you up real quick, we had a battle with the Persian army at Issus. Darius escaped but we captured his family. From there we went South into Jerusalem and then Egypt. I left Jerusalem untouched because one of the Jews showed me a prophecy about a great man in their scriptures. It was a goat from the West beating a Ram from the East (and has since come true!) From there we went to Egypt and we have taken over there. The Egyptians confirmed my diety, as their oracle in Libya has proclaimed me the son of Zeus (they call Ammon).
Here is a picture of the temple at Jerusalem. It was built by King Solomon.
This is Egypt. I liked this place. I founded a city here and came up with, at least I really think so, a great name for a city, ALEXANDRIA. Nice, isn't it? I think I might try to form more cities, but I don't think I'll be able to come up with a better name than that!

After Egypt, we went back to find King Darius and we were determined to reach Babylon. Our army was once again very successful, thanks to the diligence of these boys
The Phalanx was awesome! The Persians didn't stand a chance!
Here is a picture of their calvary, just before we slaughtered them! We killed the chariot driver of Darius but he himself escaped. That little bugger! I'll find him though, you can count on me. From there we marched to the city of Babylon and my men just fell in love with it!
Here's a view of the Ishtar Gate
The gardens here in Babylon remind me of the beautiful Isles in Greece
I'm not ready to come home yet. There are many in the army that want to just take the gold here in this city and bring it back home. We could use the money to have mercenaries fight our wars but I don't see it that way. Darius is still out there. There are more tribes and peoples out there. The world would be such a better place if everyone was ruled in one kingdom. I am going to push South, push East, push North. I'll keep you guys posted.

Gordian Knot

Here is the Gordian knot. The person that can undue the knot would be the true King of Asia.
As I'm sure most of you would guess, I undid the knot! I felt so super! I knew there were not any rules about the knot so I just went at it with my sword and cut the rope.
We have continued to overtake cities and territories here in Persia. We are going after Darius next so pray for us!

Success at Granicus!

We crossed the Hellespont with about 42,000 men
This battle was pretty ugly!
Here's a nice picture of me, don't you think?
The Persian's army may have been bigger, but we had more heart! We haven't won the war yet though. So far so good, but pray to the Gods that we continue to have success

I'm Leaving!

Hey Guys! I've always believed I could do something great in this life and now is my opportunity so I am going to take it! Unfortunately, as most of you know, my Dad was killed just a little bit ago, making me very sad. :( But at the same time, I was afraid he wasn't going to leave me anything great to do but with his early death, he has left me in charge of conquering of Persia.

Here's a statue of my Dad so you know what he looks like
Love you Dad!

Anyways, I've had some trouble with some of the cities around here, especially Thebes! I've unified most of the cities though and I am getting ready for my conquest of Persia. We assembled here at the Isthmus of Corinth and they elected me to lead in command against that annoying Darius in Persia. That little punk!
(The Isthmus is so pretty! The water was so blue this day!)

I just want everyone to know that I love you all and I hope we can keep in touch while I'm gone. I figure this blog will be the best way to keep you all informed on my activities. I'll also try to keep you guys updated with pictures from the East. Aristotle, aren't you proud of me!? Stay tuned everyone!