I'm Leaving!

Hey Guys! I've always believed I could do something great in this life and now is my opportunity so I am going to take it! Unfortunately, as most of you know, my Dad was killed just a little bit ago, making me very sad. :( But at the same time, I was afraid he wasn't going to leave me anything great to do but with his early death, he has left me in charge of conquering of Persia.

Here's a statue of my Dad so you know what he looks like
Love you Dad!

Anyways, I've had some trouble with some of the cities around here, especially Thebes! I've unified most of the cities though and I am getting ready for my conquest of Persia. We assembled here at the Isthmus of Corinth and they elected me to lead in command against that annoying Darius in Persia. That little punk!
(The Isthmus is so pretty! The water was so blue this day!)

I just want everyone to know that I love you all and I hope we can keep in touch while I'm gone. I figure this blog will be the best way to keep you all informed on my activities. I'll also try to keep you guys updated with pictures from the East. Aristotle, aren't you proud of me!? Stay tuned everyone!

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