I'm a Popsicle

Hey guys. I just had my second interview with Otter Pops and they told me they want me to be one of their frozen juice stars. Otter Pops are juice bags that you freeze, and then eat them when they are frozen. They are perfect for a little refreshing sugar rush out here in the dessert. They have saved my life so many times. They are going to name my Otter Pop, Alexander the Grape. It's not my favorite flavor but I'm sure I'll get used to it.

As far as the conquests go, we are continuing to have success. We took Susa and all the gold there and then marched to Persepolis. We continued our pursuit of Darius until we finally found him. He had been murdered by some of his followers
Here is a picture of when we found the body. It ended the war of vengeance so I let many of the men go if they wanted. Some of them have re-enlisted as mercenaries.

There is more to be done. The East is calling my name.

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Sir Isaac Newton123 said...

Hey Alex. I'm glad I can keep up with you on your blog. Also, I wanted to congratulate you on becoming an Otter Pop, I know exactly how it feels. Take care!

P.S. Sir Issac Lime is the best flavor by far!